How To Play

AETHR WORLD as a Side-Scrolling Idle RPG Shooting NFT Game welcomes every players to enjoy the game!

As a FREE to PLAY game, each player is given 01 Free NFT hero to try out the game. Players can get more heroes from (1) buying the hero packs, (2) trading (sell & transfer) with other players, (3) staking ATH for NFT boxes and (4) in-game drops.

The hero's Element, Race, Rarity, and Skill are important indicators that the player needs to look at. To understand more about these stats, continue reading Character, Upgrade system and Element

You can form a team of up to 9 heroes to play Adventure Mode which has 50 levels with rising difficulty. In AETHR WORLD, the heroes will attack automatically (idle) with their standard skill (no active skill) and you can move multiple heroes around to dodge the enemies' attack. With this gameplay, players should strategically arrange the team for maximum power and effectiveness.

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