Gaming as a pathway to crypto mass adoption

Gaming is going to be a key way in which the next hundreds of millions of users onboard into crypto as what games offer is a much friendlier, more approachable onboard. We believe that using game will be one of the easiest ways to approach broad users and help them to be familiar with crypto, blockchain, NFTs and so on.

Blockchain Gaming with NFTs

The AETHR World uses blockchain technology and NFTs to empower the players and creators. NFTs are an emerging segment in the global game market: virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security and authenticity. Each NFT is distinct or unique, it is indivisible and it is not interchangeable for another.

Comparison of Fungible versus Non-fungible Tokens Through the use of NFTs, The AETHR users will be able to benefit from:

  • TRUE DIGITAL OWNERSHIP: Gamers are the true and perpetual owners of their digital items, even if the game was shut down or abandoned. With blockchain, every game item can be tokenized, allowing gamers to decide how they want to trade, sell, or gift their items.

  • SECURITY AND IMMUTABILITY: Digital game items can be easily tokenized and traded in primary and secondary markets that are managed and facilitated by blockchain technology. Items based on scarcity and demand usually invite fraud and theft, but these risks are minimised on blockchain because it is a distributed ledger.

  • TRADING: Blockchain-based gaming platforms can provide users with ultimate control over their digital assets. They can buy and sell items freely without concern that they will be ripped off or that a platform will close and cancel all the value of their in-game items.

  • CROSS-APPLICATION INTEROPERABILITY: Blockchain provides capacity for games to utilize shared assets, avatars, and any other game elements can be used in other games that allow it. These game items are no longer confined by a narrow digital ecosystem.


A new definition was born when combining blockchain and gaming, created a chance for players to really possess any assets, they are basically paying to have an interesting experience. A new definition was born when combining blockchain and gaming, created a chance for players to really possess assets and to be able to exchange assets with other players. In-game assets are NFTs that players have full control over, besides, they can earn more income like an actual job. A new game theory is when the revenue is shared for both players and developers. The development of a game product depends on the contribution of 3 parties: Investors, Developers, and Players.

With the thriving Blockchain gaming area that has a large number of Investors and Gamers’ interest, NFT Games has been and is motivating a more powerful economy where players have the control. Big game studios definitely cannot miss the boat for this revolution, which is why we are so determined to create such a quality product and to assert ourselves in this area.

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