NFT Rental

In all game modes, the player can only a maximum of Aethers to combat, which means that each player may have free NFTs at a time. In addition to selling NFTs, players can lease out NFTs for a certain period of time to earn more profit from the NFTs they own.

NFT rental is a mechanism that optimizes players' experience with many choices in machine design to participate in matches at the lowest cost. To win matches in campaigns and tournaments, hiring NFTs becomes really necessary. Players do not need to spend too much money on rare NFTs.

To lease NFTs on the marketplace, the lessors have to set the rental price and duration. After the lease is accepted, the NFT will be locked, the lessor will receive the amount from the tenant, and the tenant will receive the item corresponding to that NFT. After the rental period ends, the item will expire and disappear from the tenant's inventory, be unlocked and be returned to the owner.

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