mATH (in-game currency)
What is mATH?
mATH is the in-game currency that will be converted from ATH token with the ratio 1:1 (1 ATH token will be converted to 01 mATH in-game)
Why does we should convert ATH to mATH?
By converting ATH to mATH, players can easily to level up Hero & buy PvP tickets easily and save lots of gas fees if we do that on blockchain instead.
Can mATH can be converted to ATH token?
Yes, definitely. When you want to convert mATH to ATH to trade it or hold it in your wallet, you can go to the Wallet in your account & click to the Convert button to do that. The ratio is still the same 01:01 (01 mATH will be converted to 01 ATH token)
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